In addition to hunting, the following activities are available:

·  Skeet – Warm-ups for hunters are included
·  Fishing – Two well-stocked ponds
·  Events – Restored farmhouse and outdoor entertainment area
·  Overnight Getaway – You tell us what your interested in and we customize to suit
About Us

Driven by a love of bird dogs , quail hunting, and family tradition, owners Rawls Neville and Jimmy Park began HBP at its present location in 2006.  Over the past few years, we and our friends have had many a memorable quail hunt and many more memorable good times.  Recognizing that the social tradition to the hunt was at least equally important to the hunt itself, we decided to offer a quail hunting venue where visiting hunters not only had the property to themselves while there, but were also free to stay awhile, relax by the fire - and remember the way it used to be.  We think we've captured that old time spirit at HBP and invite you to come experience it yourself.